Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Spinning Group Meets Friday the 13th!

Last Friday we held the first meeting of our spinning group. This group grew out of our knitting group and will meet the second Friday afternoon in members homes. (The knitters meet the last Friday afternoon.)
The first one was at my house, because I had to bake bread for a silent auction held that evening and couldn't leave home. (If you look carefully at the photo, above, you can see the bread cooling in the kitchen.) I'm starting to get the idea with the drop spindle. Here I am, spinning my "homework" yarn for my spinning class. In the photo below, standing in front of the fireplace are Lynda (right), another class member, and Donna (left), a friend of Georgette's. Georgette belongs to the knitting group and is interested in spinning. She was busy taking the photos. Donna is a wonderful spinner and was visiting from California. We were lucky to have her here right at the time we had our meeting!
We had four collapsible spinning wheels, including my Kromski Sonata. The two ladies spinning at their wheels below are Linda (left) and Linda (right). We had almost as many Lindas as spinning wheels! (You can see my Sonata on the right.) Both of these women own their own alpacas.
After I finished my "homework" with the spindle, I went to my wheel to spin. Probably the highlight of the afternoon was hearing Georgette say, "Look at Peggy! She's smiling!" It was then that I realized that I'm really beginning to enjoy spinning. Happy knitting and spinning! --Peggy

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