Friday, February 27, 2009

It's True! UFOs Do Exist!

I have been to Area 51, and it's true! We are inundated with UFOs. At least at my house! Such as:
This is the the sleeveless Fair Isle cardigan from Ann Feitelson's The Art of Fair Isle Knitting. I'm using Jamieson & Smith's Shetland 2-ply jumper wool. It's for my DH, and probably next on my list to finish. I was waiting for a demo on steeks, which we have now had in our knitting group. You can see the extra sts for the steek to the right. The UFO KAL has caused me to focus again on these projects. That's good, because I really want to finish them. Here's another:
This is a "Cable Net" sock from (free download), only I changed the heel. (I didn't think it was too practical having the cables go down the heel.) I'm using a smaller needle on the sole for better wear. The yarn is KP's Gloss in Parsley.
Above is the afghan I started in 1999! It's the Noesgay Aran Afghan from Brunswick Yarns' Country Afghans. I'm using some wool I bought in New Zealand. It's 100% merino, and it's called Suprino 12-ply in Alpine Moss, which is very close to the Gloss Parsley. I really like that color, although it doesn't show up in the non-flash version of the photo. I chose this photo because the stitch definition showed up, even though the color looks washed out. Someday I'll learn how to fix those things.
I hope everyone reading this considers joining us in the UFO KAL. We're having fun, and some participants are finishing things. I hope to join them soon!
As for WIPs, here's my progress on the Sipalu Bag. I'm up to row 23. Soon I'll have to switch to two circs, because I'll have too few sts for one. (That sounds strange, now that I read it, but if you know how to do socks with two circs, you'll understand.) I'm looking forward to classifying it as a WMD (work mostly done).
I plan on getting back to work on the cardi as soon as I've finished my Sipalu Bag, EZ Leggings and my Yei Figures Bag. The Stonington Shawl can wait. I will be working on my entrelac scarf, though. And oh, no, I'm spinning! Ho-hum. Nothing to do...

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