Friday, March 13, 2009

Entre Nous--Entrelac!

Well, I have a new addiction. I may have to give up wine entirely, and not just for Lent! Thanks, KP, for the Entrelac KAL! (BTW, "Entre nous" means "between you and me." That's about the limit of my French! I studied German.)


I already have about 6" done. So much fun! First you make a row of half triangles. It looks really strange:


Then you go back across and pick up sts to fill in with rectangles between the triangles.


You continue making rectangles, making rows of them from right to left, and then from left to right, with a triangle to fill in on each edge. Well, it's a little more complicated than that, but it isn't that hard. I'm loving the KP kettle-dyed WotA in "Gold." I can't wait to finish it. I may still get to wear it this winter. Think of how it would dress up my outfit in this photo:


(I'm the one in front, left, with the two dogs. Those are Rocky and Sunny.) Some of these ladies are knitters, too!

I started my entrelac scarf earlier, but I was disappointed by holes where I was picking up sts. Then I tried picking up the whole stitch, not just one side of it (one of the choices you can make when picking up sts for the gusset of a sock). Now it's going a lot better. The only holes you see now are from the ssk, which I can go back and fix when I get done by stretching the smaller st below the ssk, which shrinks the big st above. I have been getting some advice from the Knit PIcks Entrelac KAL, especially from Susan, who has made a scarf and a vest, and is working on a multi-colored version now. The Knit Picks knitting community is great! --Peggy

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