Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photo of David Wearing His Cap!

I finally received a photo of David wearing his cap. You might remember the story of this cap...

David in Hat 3182009

The border of this cap is knitted around the circumference of the head. I used a smaller needle to get a tighter knit, and knit it to size. I picked up eight extra sts to make up for the 22” head size (pattern called for 20” head. David needed room for his PhD). I eliminated the edging around the bottom because I was out of yarn, and I liked the slightly sawtooth look to the garter st edge. David wanted a gray stripe, so I got some scraps from my leftover yarn stash.

David's Hat

The photo shows how much yarn I had left. The gray scraps got me through this project. I blocked it on a balloon (Thanks, Rob!), which I sat in a bowl, because the sides of the cap are so long. Three of my friends have tried this cap on and wanted it. Too bad. Make your own. It belongs to David! (And David belongs to Karen, my DD!) The original pattern came from One Skein Wonders, a great book, by the way!

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