Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cast On!

No, I don't get to knit yet. [sigh!] But I did get to have a cast party. Here's how it went...


It will be three more weeks. When the cast comes off, I will have a thumb splint and strengthening exercises. I can knit then. Here's what my cast looks like...


I may try to spin in a few days, but I can't pinch, so I may have to put up with a few lumps. I'm going to give hand quilting a try, too. The cast is fiberglass, and not heavy. I can't get it wet, though. [Kitchen trash bag and rubber band work fine.]

Several people have asked what was done. [If you read my explanation elsewhere, you can just skip this part.] I had an LRTI and Trapieziectomy. That may not mean any more to you than it did to me when I heard of it, so I'll explain: the Trapiezium is [in my case, was] a bone at the base of the thumb. It was removed, and a tendon from my wrist was taken out and used to rebuild the joint, much the way arteries in the leg are used to replace clogged arteries in coronary bypass surgery. This was needed because of osteoarthritis in that location. I've been in a bandage since surgery last Friday. I guess they wanted the swelling to go down before putting on the cast. I will need several weeks of physical therapy after the cast comes off. The right thumb will have to be done after I recover from this surgery.

I can't show you what's on my needles this week, because it's still the same. Here's what it looked like in my backyard last weekend, though. It's almost all gone now. Happy spring!


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