Friday, April 3, 2009

Confessions of a Laid-up Knitter

As some of you know, I've been having sore thumbs, and until I see the orthopedist, I'm trying very hard not to knit. This is more than the usual arthritis I've had for years. I've been spending my time reading real books from the library and signing up for two new KALs! (There was no containing me!!!)
Last night I was going through my knitting books and marking the ones I would like to make. In Bronwyn Lowenthal's Love to Knit Socks, I only found one pair I would like to make soon that called for fingering-weight yarn. They are the Fair Isle socks on the cover. I can do that with my leftovers, but I need to add some "Bare" to my collection to do what I want.
In Interweave's Favorite Socks, though, I found lots calling for fingering-weight yarn. There are two I really want to try: The "Padded Footlets" have a sole that's knit double. I have to do it to understand how it's done, but you work across the sole with one strand of yarn, slipping every other st, then you turn and do the same thing back with the other strand of yarn. I guess you K the sl st and purl the K sts on the way back.
The other pair of socks I want to try for the technique is the "Eastern European Footlets." These call for worsted-weight, which I'm sure I can round up. What I like about these is that they are intarsia-in-the-round, something I've been wanting to try. The instep is in one color, while the heel and sole are another. You knit one across, cross your yarn and knit back. Then you do the same thing with the other. It calls for dpns, but I can see this working perfectly with two circs, my preferred method. This one and the "Padded Footlets" are more-or-less cuffless footies, so they would give me a chance to try them with a minimal investment of yarn.
I now have 9 patterns marked in that book that I think would be great for kettle-dyed yarn, and I haven't even started in on my new book, Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn! There are some great-looking socks in that one, too, I noticed as I glanced through. Nor have I even looked at Cookie A's book, which is probably stuck in the snow somewhere between Utah and Ohio! Along with my yarn for the CLC! It's a good thing they aren't here. I would have so much trouble resisting the urge to CO those two projects.
Here's a picture of my KP Kettle-dyed Essential sock yarn and the book that arrived early this week and which have had to endure much petting and fondling ever since:



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