Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Arrives at My House!

Nearly a month after the official first day of spring (aka vernal equinox), warmer weather finally arrives at 7200 feet above the Greater Salt Lake Valley. Here's one of my neighbors, going for a walk in the sun in front of my house. This always rattles Rocky's and Sunny's chain!


This means the end of snowshoe season, but the dogs had a great snowshoe at Deer Valley on Saturday.
I'm trying to get some things done in preparation for my thumb surgery on Friday: stocking the freezer with homemade bread and dinners and getting some laundry done. I've been trying to knit, but it's painful. The quilting is a little easier. Spinning is OK, too. Now that my spinning class is over, I've decided I'm ready to tackle the pile of Coopworth fiber my friend Lynda and I ordered from Oregon.


It's spinning up OK, but has little chunks of fiber, usually an odd color, which makes it interesting but not as smooth. Here's what it looks like spun as a single. When I ply it, I'll post another photo. That will be a while, though.


What's on my needles:
In the last week or two I've started two new projects. I just couldn't help it. I wanted to participate in the Knit Picks Sock Innovation KAL, so I CO for the Kristi sock from the book. Here's what I have so far:


The other project is my Classic Lines Cardigan, which is also a KAL at Knit Picks. I'm finding the straight knitting a little less painful to do than the traveling st pattern of the Kristi. Here's my progress:


What's on my ear buds:
I'm listening to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice for the umteenth time. I wish she had written more books. I just finished Nelson DeMille's Night Fall, which was also entertaining, but completely different.

My next blog post will come after my surgery. I'm hoping I can type one-handed. There probably won't be very many photos, though. Next month, I'm hoping to post some photos of my quilts.

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