Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spin Cycle

No, I'm not doing laundry. I've found one of my activities I can still do with the cast: spinning! No, not the kind of spinning they do at the gym! This kind:
It was a nice day, so I took the wheel out on the front deck, so Rocky and Sunny could have some company while they enjoyed the sunshine. I have tried to knit, but just can't manage it with my thumb in the cast. The physical therapist I talked with says that when the cast comes off [two weeks from tomorrow, but who's counting?] I will have a splint that brings my thumb closer to the fingers. I should be able to knit with the splint--if I can manage it--and later, for short periods without the splint.
In the meantime, you may have noticed that the capital letters have reappeared in my text. I can now type with my left fingers. I'm trying to take it easy, though.
Reading Material: Debbie Macomber's A Good Yarn. I just finished the last book in Pamela Aiden's trilogy about Mr. Darcy, and enjoyed it very much.
On My Ear Buds: Jane Austen's Persuasion.
Other Activities: Monday night we went to see Miss Saigon at the Pioneer Theater in Salt Lake City. It was fantastic. We've seen it before in a bigger theater, but the smaller size of the theater didn't interfere at all.
Sunny and I visited the nursing home yesterday. DH had to drive us, and another volunteer came along to lift Sunny as needed. [I can lift Rocky with one arm, but not Sunny!] We visited with eight people in the dining room. They were all able to pet Sunny, hold her in their laps, give her a treat and brush her. Sunny did some tricks. One lady said that Sunny's tail was cute, even though she was holding it down. I told them that at at home, her tail stands straight up all the time and looks like a stalk of broccoli. She said, "Here the broccoli is overcooked." We all had a laugh. Later we visited several patients in their rooms.
I'm starting to dream about knitting, but only two more weeks before I can try it. [Sigh!]

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