Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We had a great trip to Reno. We left Thursday morning and arrived there in the evening. The dogs were good on the trip. Rocky sat in his car seat next to Daddy, and our friend Barbara and I took the back seat with Sunny in the middle. The kitty always rides in the trailer. Here's Rocky in his car seat:

The weather was cool, and we had some rain, but it wasn't too bad. Our RV campground was right across the street from the Far West Ski Assn. convention (our purpose in going) at the Reno Peppermill. The dogs were good while we were gone, and we had a few games of throw-the-ball-around-the-trailer when we got back from each session. (We took turns coming when there was a break in the activities.) We came back on Monday, but I had to help unload the trailer (in the rain!) and put things away, so I didn't get to check up on my online friends.

I got a few rounds done onthe body of my Classic Lines Cardigan on the way there. I turned the hem and started on the front. When I got to where I had to take out the provisional CO and knit the hem facing together with the front, I found the light not good enough for my old eyes, because of having to take out the provisional CO and PU the live sts. I switched to my Kristi sock, which was pretty entertaining. By then, we were on our way back. I got quite a bit done and worked on it again yesterday. Now I'm on row 25.

With the better light at home and my clip-on magnifying lenses, I was able to get the difficult row on the CLC done. Now I have a couple of inches done. I'm cutting the CC yarn at the end of the steek sts each time I use it, because it tends to twist with the MC yarn. It will be so anchored in the steek sts, I don't even have to weave it in. I put the completed sleeves in a plastic bag, so the yarn that's still attached to them won't tangle with the yarn I'm using on the body. Here's what I have:

I'm making progress with my physical therapy as well. In only one week, I've been able to get my little finger 1/4" lower along the outside edge of my palm, like this:

My physical therapist says I'm making incredible progress. The only negative was that there is still some swelling, which she thinks is due to the knitting, but she says it will go away, and the knitting is helping with the recovery of the joint. I wonder if I can deduct my yarn and needles from my income taxes as a medical expense? Hmmmmm. Now I only have to go to physical therapy once a week.

When I got home and checked the mail, there was my WooLee Winder! It is a special flyer and bobbin to go on my spinning wheel. It winds the yarn on automatically, so I don't have to keep switching the yarn from one hook to another. I got two extra bobbins as well. I haven't tried it out yet, but will do so as soon as I finish plying the yarn currently on my wheel. The winder and the three bobbins are stained to match the walnut finish on my Kromski Sonata spinning wheel. I need to see if I can work on hand-quilting my quilt soon. I think I should be able to now.

I haven't worked on my Nonna shawl since we left on our trip, but I'm excited to get back to two rows a day. What am I reading? Nothing, but I'm listening to Louisa May Alcott's Eight Cousins, which I downloaded from Librivox. Happy knitting, everyone! --Peggy

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