Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It has been a great trip, and soon we will be starting on the return trip, which won't take as long. The trip from Utah to Indiana by way of Montana, South Dakota and Wisconsin was like going from A to B by way of C. Our trip home beginning Friday morning will be from B back to A, so we shouldn't take as long. It has been a great trip. The best part was the engagement of our DD (Karen) to one of the greatest guys we know (David). Seeing them happy together is a delight. Here's what they look like together:

This was taken aboard the La Crosse Queen, during the short cruise we all took together up the Mississippi River. That was a fun trip. We saw turtles sunning themselves and a bald eagle sitting in a tree, among other things. It was fun spending time with DD Karen during our time in Wisconsin.

The cute old guy standing behind Karen in this photo is my DH, Charlie. If the two of them look Finnish, there's good reason. DH's mother came from Finland. Rocky and Sunny had a good time meeting David's dog, Baxter, and Karen's kitty, Fluffy. Mum and Dad enjoyed the visit to a couple of wineries, including one that uses apples along with the grapes for a unique wine. The visit at the winery was really interesting, too. The old fellow who makes the wine and runs the winery was very interesting. We saw some cute old towns in that part of Wisconsin.
While I was there, I got some knitting done. Oooo, I'm getting close on the Kristi socks. Sock #2 is almost half done. Here's how far I got:

We made it from Wisconsin to Indiana in one day. We found a KOA really close to Mishawaka with full hookups, big trees, a great doggie playground with wooden log play equipment just for dogs and other great amenities. Rocky and Sunny met their ? (niece and nephew?), our DS the elder's and DIL's two Westies, Coco and Odie. Today we took them to the regular dog park, where they got to run, run, run!

The human in the photo is our DS the elder, Tim. We were surprised to see that he had shaved the top of his head. He inherited the semi-baldness from my father, that left him with about eight hairs to comb over. It was a surprise, but I think it was a good solution to the problem of what to do with those eight hairs!
After we wore out the dogs at the dog park, we took them home to Tim and Patty's and left them in their individual crates, so we could go to Shipshewana, which is an Amish community. There we had lunch and wandered around, checking out the sights, which included a number of horse and buggy combinations. Here are Tim and Patty at lunch:

Patty is an avid quilter, so we looked for quilting fabrics and inspiration. I picked up a set of John Flynn templates and instructions for making a double wedding ring quilt. I wonder who gets that? The quilt, I mean. Patty found lots of inspiration:

We had dinner at Tim and Patty's this evening, and Rocky and Sunny got to play with Coco and Odie again, and pester the cat, Thomas. Tomorrow, I get to cook for them. Tim has to work, so we will go to see the store where he is manager, and then play with the dogs and knit or talk quilting until supper time. In the evening, Tim is going to try to clean my computer and see if it helps with the overheating problem. We bought the DVD of Coraline, our DS the younger's film (well, he worked on it anyway), which they haven't seen yet. I'm hoping to get the Kristi socks finished during the trip back. If I have internet along the way, I will try to post. --P

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