Monday, July 6, 2009

Catching Up...

I've been working with my new camera, taking photos of my completed quilts. It's fun to see the quilts show up so much like real life. Here's what my bedroom looks like right now. The quilt on the bed is a replica of the quilt that was on my bed when I was growing up in Jamaica Plain, MA.
At least, it's close to what I remember the quilt to look like. I didn't learn until years later that the fabrics were from the '30s, so the fabrics at least were already a few years old at the time.

I hand-appliqued the wagon wheels and blanket stitched around each one. I hand-quilted the quilt.

At the foot of the bed is another replica quilt. It's a copy of a quilt a friend found in a thrift store. She paid $19 for it and was afraid they were going to pursue her out of the store, saying it was a mistake. I had goose bumps when she pulled it out of the bag at our quilt guild meeting! She let me take photos, and after some research, I discovered that the orange color was "tango," a '40s color, which I was able to reproduce after some research. I also hand quilted this one.

In the living room, I have the quilts already on display among the photos on my page: the log-cabin quilt and the quilts for the two dogs. In addition, there is an applique quilt I made in 2007, using three blocks from the house quilt in the book Home Sweet Home. I have forgotten the name of the author and gave the book to a friend to use, so I can't refer to it, but it was a fun project.

I picked the three blocks I liked best, used the colors in my living room with black fabrics for background. I hand-appliqued and hand-quilted it, but I used the machine to sew the blocks together and piece the border. I used a braid border, rather than the swag that's in the book, because the swag would have made it too big to fit over my mantle.

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