Thursday, July 2, 2009

Finished Objects! Well, Amost...

There is a finish to our objects. Projects end, either because we throw them in the trash or because we come to some other kind of conclusion, such as a successful completion. During our quilting/knitting minigroup (aka "Common Threads"), my friend Kay finished the afghan she was making for a friend. Here is Kay (right) holding up her afghan. My friend Joanie (of the "Sheepish Ladies") is on the left. Hooray for a finished object, even if it wasn't one of mine! (I tried to get her to leave it with me. It goes with my couch perfectly! It doesn't really show up, but it's burgundy.)

In the meantime, I've been busy as well. I have found time during the day to not only do my thumb, wrist and hand exercises with putty and weights, do a little spinning, but also to knit. I've made progress on my Kristi sock (down to about half of the foot), but reached a milestone (not a millstone--this is too much fun!) on my CLC! I have attached the sleeves and am ready to do the raglan shaping. Here's what it looks like. I had to put it on three circs, so I could take the photo and then count the number of sts (right on!) before continuing.

I will be doing the rest on two circs. I think it will be easier than trying to fit it all on one needle and having to ML when it gets too small.

I didn't get much done on my Nonna...well, I didn't work on it at all, truth be told. I didn't take it with me on our trip to San Diego for DH's 50th high school reunion. I will get back to it soon. What a fun project!

My current quilting project couldn't go along on the trip, either. Here's hoping I can get some time to work on it.

My Corriedale roving in a deep chocolate came while I was out of town. I think it will be perfect with my Kool Aid and food coloring dyed Corriedale and the white Corriedale, all of which I ran through the drum carder. I don't think I need to run the brown through the drum carder. It's ready to spin. As soon as I get done with the Coopworth hand dyed, I'll get started on the Corriedale for a yoked, neck-down sweater. The brown with finish the sleeves and body after the yoke is done.

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