Monday, July 20, 2009

Great News!

Hello, friends! I'm posting from Hardin, MT, where we have a nice little spot in a KOA with full hookups! I'll get to an update on my current knitting, along with what I've been up to, but first my good news! [Drumroll, please.]
Our daughter is engaged! We found out yesterday. Not fully unexpected, but still wonderful news.The best news is that our prospective SIL is a wonderful guy, and he proposed in a way that was really sweet and unexpected. She deserves a great guy. (She's kissed a lot of frogs, and not because she's spent much time at the frog pond, although she is a knitter.) They have been engaged since Tuesday, and we didn't find out until Sunday, because we had no signal on our phone where we were camping out in the boonies.
Speaking of our trip, here's a photo of our hotel:

It was in a little town a few miles south of Wise River, MT. They even have an LYS. Here's a photo of it:

The only trouble was the nosy neighbors and the mosquitos. Here's one of the nosy neighbors:

Actually, that was a ghost town. The nosy neighbors were marmots. The LYS had no yarn, and we didn't stay in the hotel, as attractive as it was. Here's where we actually stayed. The dog is our dogs' cousin, Onslow. He's adopted, so he doesn't look anything like our poodles.

We just left our BIL and SIL in Missoula yesterday. They were taking a bicycle trip, and we're heading eastward to see our newly-engaged DD (trip already planned before we got the news), and DS the elder. I'll try to check in if I can get internet.
What's on my needles: Lots and lots! However, most significant are: my Kristi socks! One down, one to go (less one inch already done), and the shell to go with my CLC, which is about 2" now. I love how the Shimmer Sunkissed looks knitted in st st double stranded! Here's my first Kristi:

Here's another view:

I'll try to check in when we have internet. It may not be until Wisconsin, but it all depends. In the meantime, everyone buy the DVD of Coraline today! (Available July 21st, today!) Our DS the younger helped make it, and it's a great film! Not that I'm biased or anything!
Well, I have to plan a wedding quilt! -P

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