Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Fiber Fun!

Saturday I went to the Great Basin Fiber Arts Festival in South Jordan, Utah. I didn't take any photos! I can't believe it! I was too busy.
I spent some time in Linda's booth, spinning. Here's the fiber I was working on. It's pumpkin-colored merino and silk that I bought at Three Wishes.

Here's what I'm getting with it for singles:

It's a little harder to spin evenly than the straight merino was. BTW, they took away my skein of hand-painted merino AND my Sipalu Bag (my purse!) to enter in the competitions. I don't think I won anything because I haven't heard, but Linda's husband, Mike, said he would pick up the skein and the bag Sunday afternoon.
Well, of course, I was bad again! The people from Greenwood Fiber Works were there with their gorgeous braids of hand-painted merino. I couldn't resist, because I had so much fun with the first braid, which was the "Mountain Air" colorway. The new one is "Enchanted." I might as well send them my whole Social Security check and tell them just to throw at me whatever they want!

My Landscape Shawl is blocking. My lace-blocking wires came yesterday. I can't wait to wear it, and it has started getting cold here. While I had the Kookaburra Wool Wash made up, I used it to wash a Fair Isle pullover vest and a sleeveless cardi to get them ready for winter. The scent of the Wool Wash is all over the house now!
What's on my needles? I'm back to working on DH's Fair Isle sleeveless cardi (maybe for Christmas, if I can get it done before the second thumb surgery) and my EZ leggings for winter. If I have time, I'll try to finish up my Oregon socks, which are coming along.

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