Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sipalu Bag Wins First Prize at Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair

I couldn't believe my Sipalu Bag took first prize!

September 12 and 13 were the dates for the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair in South Jordan, Utah. I went to see my friend Linda's exhibit. (She's the one of the friends who raises alpacas.) I gave a ride to my friend Joanie and her daughter Kristi, who are both avid knitters. My Kromski Sonata rode in the back. My plan was to sit and spin for a while with Linda. I also took along the skein of yarn I had just finished using the hand-painted roving from Greenwood Fiber Works so I could show it to her. I was using my Sipalu Bag as a purse.
On my way in through the gate, they took away my yarn and my bag, insisting I enter them in the competitions, which were set up in different categories. I dumped all of my purse stuff into my knitting bag, filled out the forms, and left them there. Linda's DH, Mike, said he would pick them up for me Sunday afternoon. There were a lot of great vendors, including the aforementioned Greenwood Fiber Works.
I went to Linda's today to spin for a while and see her two new babies. That's when I found out that my Sipalu Bag had won first prize in it's category, which was items knit from commercial yarns. Of course, at the time I dropped it off, they didn't have much in that category. Still, the judging form had some nice comments, including what a lovely design it was and how nice the colorway was. Of course, I had nothing to do with the design and colorway, other than choosing to buy the kit. I'm sure if they hadn't thought the workmanship had been any good, it wouldn't have won, though. This was what I got in addition to the ribbon:

Won't this be nice for my knitting? It was donated by Three Wishes, which is where my wheel and lots of my spinning fiber came from. My skein of yarn took a 4th place, with some nice comments about the Navajo plying, and some constructive suggestions about the spinning, which was irregular in some places. The judge wrote that she would like to see what I can do after another year of spinning.
Back to activities at Linda's. I got to see the new babies. So far, there are three: two girls and a boy, one each in black, white and sort of a caramel color. Here's the white baby, less than 2 weeks old:

Linda also showed me her new swift, made for her by her DH, Mike.

The base is from a fan. Mike is handy when it comes to making things. Linda also had a boo-boo in a finished shawl she wanted me to fix before she sent it to it's intended recipient, a new mother and baby. A join had apparently come apart with washing.
When I got back from Linda's I just had time for lunch before my friend Marianne came to practice German with me. We eat Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) and knit while conversing in German. It's good to keep in practice, because we don't often get a chance here in the US. Marianne is making progress on her pullover, which is a Swedish pattern (she's from Sweden) with some yarn substitutions.

I made some progress on my EZ leggings, too. They should be ready to wear soon. I'm doing the waist shaping.

In non-knitting/spinning news, DH had his birthday on Saturday. He was delighted with the new indoor herb garden I got for him as a present. I don't think I've ever been so successful in choosing a good present for him. He couldn't wait to set it up.

Besides the KP podcast, which I like to listen to again and again, I have Lorna Doone on my iPod from It has been a busy week, and it's nice to have some down time. But tomorrow is knitting group, and it's at my house this time. Happy knitting! --P
P.S.: Please excuse the dog butts in the photos. It happens.

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  1. I am not the least bit surprised about your win. The purse is stunning. Congratulations!