Saturday, September 5, 2009

Washington Lake Camping, Spinning and Knitting

We're back, the dogs are pooped and the trailer is back in its storage space. We had a wonderful time, a perfect end to a wonderful summer. While we were camping, my SIL, Eileen, showed me her Aran cardi, which is on her needles right now. Here it is. She is using HW City Tweed in Romance.

HW City Tweed

Eileen is a wonderful knitter. She knits "English style," but is as fast as I am, even on ribbing. She puts the long, straight needle under her right arm. She and I bought yarn for our Aran cardis on Inish Mor while we were there on a hiking trip several years ago. We had fun in the yarn shop, while our DHs (who are brothers) cooled their heels outside. The shop also sold sweaters to tourists. The proprietor was excited to have people come into her store who actually knit! Eileen bought green, and I bought blue. (You can see my blue cardi in my photos.) I made mine for myself, and she made her green cardi for a friend. Then she wanted one for herself. She checked out my City Tweed DK and decided to try the HW, since the recommended gauge matched what she needed. I think the bright color suits her, and the cables show up well.
I've been trying to be good and finish up some UFOs, but I took along the yarn that I spun from hand-dyed Coopworth. I had 2 1/2 lbs to start with, and I spun it all! (See my last post.) I wanted to make a swatch for the Landscape Shawl from Fiber Trends, so I was just going to have a go using my new Zephyrs. Well, my first swatch absolutely hit gauge, even though I was guessing as to which yarn size my finished yarn was and what size needles to use. My swatch was so pretty, I couldn't resist. I CO the Landscape. Well, it only takes 2 sts to CO, so I couldn't leave it there. Here's what I have now:

Speaking of spinning, I took my wheel camping with me for the first time. We went up to the Uintas (mountains in eastern Utah) a day before our scheduled camping trip with BIL, SIL and two other couples. We had reservations at Washington Lake starting Monday, so we stopped at a campground called "Cobble Rest" overnight. Our campsite had a lovely stream, so in the evening, DH and I took our olives, wine and my Kromski Sonata spinning wheel down to the beach for an enjoyable couple of hours.

If you look closely, you can see my wine class in the pocket of my chair. The fiber I'm using came from a place called "Greenwood Fiber Works," and is hand-dyed merino. It comes in a long braid.

Here's what it looks like on my WooLee Winder:

While we were at Washington Lake, I brought out my wheel again. Even though I was tired after hiking, I still had energy to spin. I discovered that the wheel, when placed on the bench of the picnic table in the campsite, was the perfect height for spinning. Plus I had a great view of the lake from there.

Here's what the lake looked like late in the day:

We did more than sit around. We went on a hike every day and ended each day with a communal dinner with the other three couples and their dogs. The last full day, DH, the dogs and I took a hike alone, while several others of our group enjoyed the fishing. We had some great views from our lunch site. Here is DH sharing his lunch with Rocky and Sunny:

We took a lot of photos, including these of Rocky and Sunny. Here's Rocky, right after swimming, posing by one of the many lakes in the Uintas:

He's saying, "Look, a bird." That's Rocky! Birds, sticks, balls and squeeky toys! Sunny had a good swim, too. She mostly likes chasing things that are alive, so she can change their status. But she'll go after a stick in the water if she thinks she can get it before Rocky does.

What's on my needles? Well, besides the Landscape Shawl, the usual. I got a little more done on the Oregon socks while we were driving. Now I'm working full time on my Landscape Shawl. And looking at the photos of our fun trip.
Happy knitting!

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