Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Joanie!

This is an extra blog to share Joanie's birthday with all of you, especially everyone who has a birthday on October 8th!

This was my present to Joanie: enough of my hand-spun Coopworth to make a Landscape Shawl like mine, so she won't steal it! I also gave her one of those needle gauges that looks like a cross section of a snail. A lot of LYSs have them but you can see what I mean here. The color I got her was sort of a pewter.
Linda (one of the alpaca Lindas) and I took Joanie out to lunch at the No Worries Cafe about a mile from my house.

Dante, the owner, brought the fire extinguisher over so Joanie's cake would catch the cafe on fire! That's Linda by the window, and you can recognize me from the CLiC in Shadow Sunset Heather and Shimmer Sunkissed. Joanie has been a long-time customer of the cafe, as have I. We opened presents. Besides the basket of yarn from me, Joanie got a hat from Linda. It's alpaca and quite fetching! Linda made it, of course.

Joanie had been eying another hat made by the other alpaca Linda. She got it today, too. Her head will be warm this winter. BTW, Joanie knitted the scarf she's wearing in the photos.

Another friend sent her a bag filled with goodies (some consumable, already consumed) and some non-edible candy corn.

When we were done with lunch, the our server and Dante came over with a sweet roll with three candles on it (not nearly enough). Here's the "birthday cake."

The big surprise from Dante came when the server handed me the bill. Linda and I had agreed to split it two ways, because we wanted to treat Joanie. The bill said: "Happy Birthday, Joanie!" We did leave a tip, though. What a nice place to eat. Happy knitting! --P

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