Friday, October 30, 2009

Knitting, Quilting, Spinning, Injuries and Snow!

The spinning group is up again after a summer hiatus. We met yesterday. Here's Rita, one of the participants. I met her at the Alpaca Days a few weeks back:

Recognize Rita's bag? She did the alternate variation in the same colorway as mine, and she did the strap as written. She also spins and weaves. We had our spinning meeting yesterday at Linda's Blue Moon Ranch. Most of us brought our wheels.

I got to meet Kathleen, who has suri alpacas. Kathleen had never used a wheel before, but she brought her drum carder and some suri alpaca fiber to try out. Here she is trying out the spinning wheel that belongs to Linda from Sundance Alpacas.
Helping her is Lynda. (If you haven't noticed before, we have more Lindas or Lyndas than you can shake a drop spindle at! We need to come up with some nicknames!) The Linda who owned the wheel wanted to sell it and get a different wheel. After trying everyone's wheels, Kathleen was quite happy to buy Linda's Louet.

My drop spindle came a couple of days ago. I took my spinning wheel and my new drop spindle to spinning group. Here's my drop spindle with some fiber I bought a couple of years ago when I only hoped that someday I would learn to spin:

The fiber is from Ashford, merino and silk in "Mulberry." I'm really enjoying my new spindle. It spins for a long time before I have to start it spinning again. I guess it's the brass ring around the whorl. It's also very pretty. It's Golding's Tsunami.

Rita also had her drop spindle. She brought some lovely hand-dyed wool. She was the only one without a wheel.

Our hostess Linda showed us her shop, with bags of roving, yarns and finished knitted items for sale. She also brought out a bag of roving she bought a long time ago and didn't know what to do with. She wanted to get rid of nearly two pounds of fiber because she didn't know what it was. Lynda latched onto it, took it for a spin on her wheel, and suggested it might be merino. Before I could have a look at it, Lynda had bought it from Linda for the same price per pound that we pay for merino from our spinning teacher. Last night I finished the singles in the rust-colored hand dyed alpaca Linda gave me last week. If I get a chance today, I'm going to ply it.

This has been a busy week, so my blog post is a little behind. I've had three physical therapy sessions (to help with a pinched nerve) and three group meetings, and we've had several days of snow and cold. Quilting met last Thursday, and our regular knitting group was one week ago. New knitter Mary brought her scarf to work on:

She had too many sts. I checked it out, and she had knit a couple of sts but then not taken them completely off the needle. I showed her how she had done it and how to fix it.

Linda was there with her knitting. She always brings several projects to work on. She'll work on one until she gets to a place where she can't keep track of the conversation, then she switches to another project. She's working on a lace scarf here, but she has the KP Holiday Ornament kit.

I'm trying to get the house in order before my thumb surgery on Tuesday. I've been stocking up the freezer, so I won't have to cook. DH will be my houseboy. I've also been trying to make progress on his Fair Isle sleeveless cardi. I'm about half way up the neck decreases. It sure looks funny, with the steek sts pulling in. You can see the armhole with it's steek sts in the upper right-hand corner.

The vertical rows of light and dark are the steek sts. When I get done with the body, I will cut those down the middle, trim off a little bit, and then PU sts for the front band and the armhole bands. No way am I going to finish in time for Christmas, but they will have to pry my knitting from my hands when I go in for surgery Tuesday morning. At least this time we don't have to drive all the way to Salt Lake City, because the new Park City Medical Center has opened. (Too bad I won't be there long enough to have a meal; I've heard their chef is great!) DH will get the sweater in whatever state it's in when I have to wrap it. I'll include an IOU for the finishing.

What's on My Needles/What's on My iPod: See my last post. Nothing has changed. I don't how how soon I'll be able to blog again, but as soon as I can post after surgery, I'll give you a quick note to let you know I'm OK. Happy knitting/spinning! --P

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