Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Knitters

There's almost nothing better than meeting people who are just learning to knit! Well, except for maybe a KP order filled with yarn, books and new needles! I was invited to a neighbor's house for a "Stitch and Bitch" session Sunday night.

Here I am with one of the knitters. (I'm the older one!) I took my spinning wheel. DH went along to watch football with the other husbands and the father of the hostess, Mary, who was there for a visit. I was greeted by Mary, who had a hole in her knitting. It was definitely what DD used to call a "Mummy fix" moment! I took a look at her knitting. There was a hole and a row of purl bumps on the knit side of her stockinette st. I told her that the phone rang, or she had some interruption, and she didn't pay attention to which side the yarn was on when she started knitting again. She said that she had found the yarn twisted, and had held it up to untwist. That was the interruption. This is one of the most common mistakes by new knitters.

Liz, (in red) the mother of one of the ladies, was there, and by luck, she's an accomplished knitter, and spent the evening helping the new knitters. She and I compared notes on knitting projects. She doesn't spin (yet, LOL), so she was impressed with my wheel. I can't wait for her to come back again, so I can get to know her better. I didn't worry much about helping the new knitters, because they were in good hands.

I love to get people addicted to knitting! I have been known to give them some of my stash and even share needles with them. For this kind of addiction, it's OK to share needles! I'll meet with them again next Sunday for another session. Liz is gone, and they are depending on me to be their knitting guru. They need to meet once a week while they learn.

You may have spotted my friend Georgette in the group. (She's the one doing the needlepoint.) She's an accomplished knitter, too, and I'm sure she will be a big help to this group. (You may remember her from the Moebius class.)

We meet at Georgette's for our once-a-month knitting group on Friday afternoon. I hope to take photos at the knitting group again. A couple of the young women from the Sunday Stitch and Bitch group plan on coming. In the meantime, I've been "friended" by several of them on Facebook, the same day that I met some of my KP buddies on Facebook.

This was grooming week for the pups, so here's a photo of Rocky, just back from the groomer:

He's so beautiful! (You should have seen him before Marcia, the groomer, cleaned him up! He had been on two long hikes over the weekend, and the burrs and seeds were all through his fur. Sunny, too!) Sunny and I visited Federal Heights Nursing Home today, for our usual Delta Society/Therapy Animals of Utah visit. I can't take photos there to protect clients' privacy, but we had our usual effective and fun visit. Sunny seems to know what people want and need, and she give it. If they want kisses (as long as no facial hair is involved) they get it! If they want her in their laps, she goes there. If they want her up on the bed, she jumps up without asking. We'll miss next time because of the scheduled surgery on my other thumb, November 3rd. I promised to be back for the following regular scheduled visit, though. She's the one who does the work. I go along as "entourage" and to keep the paparazzi away.

What's on my needles? Still the FI sleeveless cardi for DH. I'm up to the armhole and neck shaping, and it's going well:

I'm actually about 12 rows past this photo, but you get the picture, so to speak.

What's on my iPod? Still Lorna Doone from Librivox.org. I'm enjoying it, but I keep having interruptions. (Life!) It's a great story! And today, we get a new podcast, I expect. That's aways fun.
So for this week, happy knitting/spinning. Don't drop any sts! --Peggy

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