Thursday, January 28, 2010

Off in All Directions: Sir Elton and Baby Knitting

The second half of January is always busy for me because of my volunteer work for the Sundance Film Festival. This year includes a lot of baby knitting, too!

Above is the "Dolly" sweater from Jaeger Handknits, JB29. The bonnet was my addition. How can little Daphne Dawn wear the lovely sweater without a bonnet to match? I made a basic bonnet, adding the pattern and the lace trim in the sweater. It was a little challenging, but I'm hoping to make some socks to match...if the yarn holds out, KP Stroll in "Glacial," a discontinued color I bought on sale, never knowing I would be doing some baby knitting! This outfit will be awaiting little Daphne's arrival, sometime around the first week in June. I have lots more baby knitting to do.
I finished this hat the same day as I finished the sweater:

Part of this hat was knitted during the wonderful Opera "Carmen," which we saw at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City on Sunday. The pattern is an in-house design of The Wool Cabin in Salt Lake City. I used "Cotton Classic," which is what the pattern called for. The decorations are my own.
As mentioned earlier, The Sundance Film Festival is underway in Park City, and I'm one of a large number of volunteers of all ages working at the Eccles Theater in Park City High School. (I'm in the middle.)

We are not allowed to take photos of the celebrities who come through the theater. This year so far, I've seen Ben Affleck, who stars in "The Company Men," and I was allowed to open the door to the theater for Sir Elton John, who came to see "Nowhere Boy," a dramatization of the life of John Lennon.
There's some down time during our volunteer work. For these times, I've found my drop spindle useful. Last night, for example, I got some spinning done between loading the theater (I was a ticket-taker) and opening it up again at the end of each film. I'm getting a sizeable kop on my Golding Tsunami. (Thanks to Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont, I know this term.) The bracelet is Oregon myrtlewood. It was a Christmas present, and it makes a great distaff (to keep the fiber supply out of the spun yarn), besides being decorative.

I get some interesting questions from people when I use my drop spindle in public. Such as:
"Is that a dreidel?"
"Did you know that you can pay Spinderella to do that for you?"
"Are you making string?"
I find spindle spinning to be a good use of very short periods of time.

What's on my needles? Still DS2's alpaca hat, but progress is being made. I may CO the baby socks.
What's on my drop spindle? Ashford's merino and silk in "Mulberry."
What's on my wheel? I finished spinning the merino and silk pumpkin fiber and am ready to ply!
What's on my iPod? Lorna Doone, but I'm up to Chapter 47, and well into the story.
What's on my MP3 player? KP Podcast #129, another great podcast! (I want to listen again, because I may have missed something.

Happy knitting, spinning, film viewing and whatever else you're up to right now! --P

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