Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Medals Are Being Awarded...

Here's mine for the little baby beanie:

In the meantime, still working on my second event, "Fleece to FO Long Track," which is a grueling 4 oz spinning assignment and a (hopefully) finished Landscape Shawl. Here's the latest photo:

Actually, the photo is a day old. I've done more than 30 rows since this photo was taken. I'm into the stockinette section, which was just started in the top middle of the photo.

Here's how the spinning is going--

Just singles. I'll ply soon--maybe today. It's a busy week. Last night we went to the theater and saw "Twelve Angry Men." Fantastic play! Sunny and I have animal-assisted therapy at the nursing home today, Tomorrow I go to the dentist in the morning, and have to check in the cross-country skiers for a class I arranged for the Park City Mountain Sports Club. Thursday I have my quilting group, and Friday is the Club's Annual Meeting! Saturday is the antique fair in Ogden! I would have been a good candidate for Team Hopelessly Overcommitted! I'll keep plugging along with my event, though. Happy spinning, and happy Olympics! --P

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