Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy, Busy--This and That

Between cleaning the fiber studio, finishing up Ravelympics stuff and normal activities, it's been a busy week.

Above is what the fiber studio looks like today, after nearly two days of work. The piles of finished projects and the bags of projects in my pipeline or queue are still lurking. The white shrouded thing on the back counter is my serger. The pink mass peeking out from under the table that looks like cotton candy is some alpaca-and-silk
fiber my friend Linda made for me to thank me for helping her set up her Etsy shop here.
Someday I'll have to give you a tour, including my light table/cutting surface for quilting and my little desk. I even have room for a design wall in front of closet and a tall bookcase full of quilting and knitting books.

I have a small quilt show for you from the two groups I meet with. Most of the participants knit and quilt, but a few do one or the other. Here you go--

This one has a story, and then I'll just let the others speak for themselves. My quilting buddy Barbara made
these blocks several years ago and didn't like them. She was thinking of giving them to the Utah Quilt Guild for their orphan block collection, which they use to make quilts each year to donate or to raise money. The flowered print had been a sale purchase originally intended for use as backing fabric. Barbara was lying awake one night recently and happened to connect the blocks with the fabric in her mind. She got up and 2:00 AM, went into her fiber studio and dug out blocks and fabric. I think the black trim around the blocks just makes the quilt top. I can't wait to see it quilted. OK, here are the others.

This last one, Ginny's making for her granddaughters. One is getting the purple/lavender with matching pillow sham, and the other one is getting the hot pink/pink with matching sham. She's hand-quilting them.
My bunny applique is coming along. I have four sets of leaves done. I'll try to post a photo of my progress next week. I made a reservation with my friend Julie (with the ladybug quilt, above) to machine-quilt it in May, so the pressure is on.

In knitting news: Now that the Ravelympics are over, I thought you might like some statistics--

  • total # projects tagged with ravelympics2010: 24,284
  • total # projects tagged with ravelympics2010 and finished: 12,878
  • total # Ravelers that finished: 6,296 (out of 9,538 participating)
  • total # countries participating: 65
  • total # of people posting into a Finish Line: 5,186
  • total yardage used: 8,068,000 (yes…this is 8+ million!)
  • total yardarge spun/dyed: 448,000
The one project I didn't finish during the Ravelympics was my Oregon socks, which I finished afterward and showed off last week. I didn't win any real-life prizes for my projects, just the medals, which are virtual. I did have a nice surprise when I found out that the Team KP Enablers had awarded me the "Miss Congeniality" prize, presumably because I gushed over everyone's FOs. I received a package in the mail a few days ago with some hand-made yummy soap (now resting in my soap dish next to the tub) and these st markers:

They came from Sarah Kain-Porter's "Treasures by Westwind Designs," an Etsy store. There are eight markers, and big enough that I can use them for 99% of the projects I do, but not so big they'll be in the way with smaller ones, like socks.

I'm trying to post pictures of past knitting projects every once in a while, so here's one for this week.

The cardigan and hat are made from worsted-weight acrylic yarn. (Gasp!) I know, not the best for all that work, but it was all I could get. We were living in Indonesia at the time, and they're not exactly known for their knitwear, since the average temperature is in the high 80s. The picture was taken in 1996 during a trip to New Zealand, the backdrop is the beautiful Milford Sound. I made the cardigan and hat just for the trip. I had taken a nice woolen sweater to Indonesia for such trips, but our maid had given it a nice wash in the washing machine. Need I say more? I was in my "purple phase," and also made some knee socks in wool 4-ply (fingering weight) I had bought in the UK when we lived there in the '80s. Sometime I'll get a photo of those.

DH's Fair Isle Sleeveless Cardi is coming along--

A few more rows and I'll be ready to do the shoulders, then off to the
steek! [She says bravely, having already steeked her CLiC last year.]
I've done the star pattern in the same colors each time and varied the
colors for the peerie patterns, the small designs between the big ones.
It's from Ann Feitelson's Fair Isle Knitting; the pattern is Fridarey Sleeveless Cardigan. More information about this project is found here on Ravelry.

Our snowshoe for the week was at Shingle Creek in the Uinta Mountains near us. It turned out to be a hike. You can tell why by looking at the photo. Here's the group. (I'm third from the left; DH is seated, and yes, that's Rocky standing on the table.) We had a great time.

What's on everything--same as last time, but I've been getting caught up with past episodes of the Sticks and String podcast by David Reidy.

Happy knitting and quilting, etc. --P

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