Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This has been a productive week in terms of UFOs and WIPs! First, I finished my Oregon Socks, which I began in May, 2008, during a trip to Oregon.

The yarn is KP's Gloss in "Parsley." The pattern is Ariel Barton's Cable Net Socks from Knitty. With some modifications, of course! I have a hard time just doing any pattern as written. I loved working with the Gloss. It was my first time with this yarn. I think it shows the traveling sts well, even though the color is somewhat dark. I'll let you know how they wear.

Finished the BSJ and matching hat.

Well, except for the top button, which is still down in SLC at the Wool Cabin, which is where I bought the others. I decided the hat needed one, and since I only had them pinned on, it was easy to pilfer one for the hat. Now they're all sewn on except for the top button, which I cleverly covered with the hat (the Wool Cabin's Cotton Classic Baby Beanie by Suzette Cannon.) I'm not going back to SLC until next Tuesday, so they're holding another button for me.

Now I'm back to working on DH's Fair Isle sleeveless cardi:

This is another project that has had periods of hibernation, the last brought about by the onset of baby knitting. I bought the yarn for this a couple of years ago at the Needlepoint Joint in Ogden, UT. The pattern came from Ann Feitelson's The Art of Fair Isle Knitting. The book is also available as an audiobook, but without the patterns. This pattern is called the Fridarey Sleeveless Cardigan, and the original is in shades of turquoise and lilac. Hmmm...not exactly DH's colors, although he does have enchanting blue eyes! I picked these "manly" colors for him. This was to be my first effort at doing steeks, but I kept putting off the project because I was so intimidated by the prospect. (All my other Fair Isle projects were done flat after starting the V-neck and armholes.) I signed up for the Classic Lines Cardigan just so I could learn how to do a steek. I accomplished that project, and it's one of my favorite sweaters! Now I feel fearless about continuing on with other steeks. I got an inch done yesterday, so it's moving along nicely.

I started my Bunny Quilt for baby Daphne (due June 6th) at a meeting of one of my two quilting minigroups. Here's my progress:

I don't know if you can tell, but I've discovered a new use for my KP Chart Keeper (top of photo)! I've ironed freezer paper templates to the wrong side of my fabrics, and I can keep them together and flat in the Chart Keeper, with the little magnetic strips holding them on. The magnetic ruler came with another magnet board. It's too thin to do much, but I'm using another magnetic strip to hold my chart for the sleeveless cardi on that board, so I didn't have it to use here. Sometimes I use those advertising magnets to hold stuff on. If they're wide enough, it makes up for being thin. You can see the fabrics I'm using in the quilt here. Just scroll down to the closeup of the fabrics. A picture of the block and the information on the book used is there, too.

This week brought a nice surprise, too. I participated in the Ravelympics on Ravelry as part of Team KP Enablers and Team Spinning Knitters. The moderators of Team KP Enablers have decided to give me a prize for "Miss Congeniality." They must have caught me being nice, LOL! (It does happen once in a while.)

My friend Lucille Reilly participated in a different Knitting Olympics. She posted a blog on the sweater she made for the event here. She shows how she did it, step-by-step. Now, just to whet your appetite...

Lucille is the knitting teacher who came to Park City to teach us the Moebius Scarf and the Moebius Bowl. She also has some socks in the upcoming book, Think Outside the Sox, She calls her socks "Jaws 2," but I don't know whether XRX kept the same title. Anyway, they're pretty sensational.

DH, the pups and I managed to get in some snowshoeing this week, too.

The snowballs on Rocky and Sunny's legs are for ballast. It makes them work harder, so they sleep longer when we get home.

Here I am giving them treats for being such good dogs!

What's on my needles: DH's FI sleeveless cardi (above)
What's on my wheel: Baby Alpaca from Linda
What's on my iPod: Lorna Doone from
What's on my spindle: Still the Ashford merino and silk in "Mulberry."

Happy knitting/spinning/quilting, etc. --P

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