Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quick as a Bunny--Not!

As you know, I've been working on some bunny-related items for Daphne, our DGD2, due to arrive via stork about June 6th. These baby leg warmers are very quick to knit--

if you don't decide they're too skinny around the cuffs! I'm off to the frog pond! Well, it won't take me long to get back to this point. I'll have plenty of yarn. The scale shows 35 gm left from the 50gm ball. I'm glad I didn't cut it, though. It's Essential (now Stroll) kettle-dyed sock yarn in "gold."

I have the diaper bag almost finished. I've pinned in the lining--

I just have to sew it in. You probably remember the bunny quilt I've been working on--

I decided it needed four carrot blocks to go with it. There are now two like this--

And two like this--

I've been using my "design wall" to try out layouts.

The "design wall" is actually a full-size "Warm & Natural" quilt batt with a hem at the top and the bottom, with a batten in each hem. I put hooks over my fiber studio closet to hang the whole thing on, so I arrange blocks and see how they look. They cling by themselves as long as there's no breeze. A couple of pins takes care of that, though.

What's on my needles: Baby leg warmers.
What's on my Featherweight: Piecing for bunny quilt!
What's on my wheel: White baby alpaca, just a couple of ounces left and I can ply!
What's on my iPod: Just Finished the Frankenstein trilogy by Dean Koontz, now listening to 44 Scotland St. by Alexander McCall Smith
What's on my spindle: Same old, same old. Haven't touched my spindle for a while.

Happy knitting/spinning/quilting! --P

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