Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baxter's Blog

Hi! I'm...arf...Baxter, canine brother of Daphne Dawn. You know her.

She's the new young one at my house. The parents and that old lady who cleans and cooks and sometimes feeds me are always using that funny thing that makes bright light right in her face, and mine, too. They say they're "taking photos," but they don't seem to be taking anything, just blinding me!

Baxter has another sister. She's feline, but OK anyway. Her name is Fluffy. Baxter used to think Fluffy got way too much attention until young one arrived. Now not so much.

Baxter knows Daphne is sister because she sort of smells like my mom and dad, except there are some other smells, too. Some are icky and sweet, like after she has a bath.

Like flowers. Dogs don't like flowers. Bees in flowers, not dogs. Other smells are yummy and make Baxter want to lick her. Only they don't let Baxter. They just make their faces look funny and take her to her room and clean her butt. Baxter could clean butt just as good. After that she doesn't smell nearly as good!

Baxter doesn't understand why there was only one in the litter, but maybe it's a good thing. Six would need way too much attention, and maybe they would forget to feed Baxter.

Another thing Baxter doesn't understand is why young one can't walk yet. When the eyes were closed, Baxter knew she couldn't play, but the eyes have been open for long time now. Maybe there's something wrong with her. Or maybe it's one of those strange human things. I do think she's human. Not canine. Not feline. Smells human. But yummy! Baxter wants to lick her. But Baxter good dog, good dog. Yes. Only lick when dad says "free." but he doesn't say it about Daphne. Too bad! Baxter clean butt good!

Sometimes we go for walks, even though Daphne can't walk yet. They put her in a thing like a car, but smaller, so she can go, too. Then Baxter's important dog. Protect young one. Sometimes they go and Baxter stays home. like yesterday, they went "shopping." When they go there they come back with lots of stuff. Sometimes dog toys or treats. Baxter guard house and bark welcome when they come back.

Daphne sleeps a lot. That's OK. I like to sleep, too!

The old lady...the one who cleans and sometimes feeds Baxter...likes to carry Daphne around. She likes to sit with the young one on her lap. Baxter doesn't sit on old lady's lap. Baxter's a good, big, dog. Not lap dog. Baxter sits at old lady's feet and protects young one and old lady.

Old lady sometimes sits and plays with skinny sticks and this long kind of stuff like string, the kind of stuff Fluffy likes to play with. It smells like animal fur. After a while it looks like this:

Old lady is talking about something called spinning. Hmmm...Baxter can chase tail. Baxter wonders if it's the same. She also talks about something called quilting. Baxter can't guess.

Daytime Baxter watches house, protect young one. Night time Baxter lies on floor in bedroom, protect Daphne. Baxter good dog! Important dog!

Old lady busy. Too busy to talk to you. She says next time...

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