Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Week in the Life of Daphne Dawn Hart

A funny thing happened on the way to Vintage Stitchers!

Those of you who have followed my blog know that I have been knitting and quilting away, trying to prepare for the arrival of my second granddaughter, the first for my daughter, Karen. Well, I was on my way to my regular quilting minigroup a week ago, when I got a cell phone call from DH. I pulled off the highway, and answered the phone to learn that my daughter's water had broken! Daphne wasn't due until June 6th, 3 1/2 weeks away! The soonest I could leave to drive to Wisconsin was the next day. I had to get the tires checked on my car first. I did that instead of going to my group, so I could get packed quickly.

Baby Daphne Dawn Hart arrived the next day at 9:24 AM, as I was driving through Wyoming. I spent the night in Lexington, Nebraska, and arrived in La Crosse, Wisconsin, mid-afternoon on Saturday, when the above photo was taken. The nursery was ready. Here you see the crib, with the bunny quilt I made for her.

We had to move the quilts to put Daphne in her crib to reduce danger of smothering, so they made a good cushion for the back of the rocking chair I brought with me from Utah. Here's Daddy's work station:

The guitar is ready for bedtime serenades, and the changing table is ready for diaper duty, an important job! The gold and white blanket was made by DD during her semester break from teaching at UW La Crosse.

Daphne was 6 lbs., 3 oz., not bad for a slightly premature baby. Still, the doctor didn't want her to lose any weight, so we were required to supplement with formula until DD's milk came in. She was also slightly jaundiced, so we had to wake her frequently to feed her, because the high biliruben count made her lethargic. The high count was partly due to the big bruise on her head from her birth experience. The three of them had a nice stay in a snazzy suite in the hospital. Saturday night, they had a special dinner in their room. Sunday they got to come home together. Grandma was minding the fort in the company of Baxter and Fluffy.

Monday Daphne had her first trip to the doctor to get checked and weighed. Tuesday was spent just relaxing:

Wednesday was more of the same. Baxter was excited to see that her eyes had opened. That means she can walk and play! (That's how it works with puppies, anyway.)

Instead, we had a nice walk:

Daddy, Baxter, Mommy and Daphne enjoyed the sunshine!

Thursday, and time for the weigh-in! Has she gained enough weight back to do away with the messy formula?

Hooray, almost back to birth weight! The jaundice is almost gone! Maybe now Grandma can get back to her knitting!

I didn't mention that DD was in finals week when the stork made an unexpected appearance. She had one final to give, which had to be proctored, and all of her grading, with final grades due tonight at midnight. She just finished!

The bright side is, there will be more of the summer vacation for them to get settled in as a family before school starts again in the fall. Whew!

Don't ask me what's on my anything! The above says it all. We are all grateful that Daphne's doing so well.

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