Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What a Week!

This has been a roller-coaster week! First, my birthday is the day after Christmas. We went to No Worries for breakfast--DH, DS2, DS2's girlfriend, DD, Joanie and I. Here's what I got from DH for Christmas:

It's the Knitter's Handy Carry-all kit, the scale and the Options needle stand from KP, and two more hanks of alpaca yarn. I think I'll try the Ivo socks from the Inca Knits book, as I now have three colors from the same weight alpaca.

I've been getting some knitting done, even with family in the house. First, I have finished the knitting for the Montana Tote, which will be DD's diaper bag. Here's what it looked like before it went into the washing machine:

DD laughed about the fact that it was big enough for her to sit in, baby and all! Not so when it came out of the washer, though:

We used two of DSIL2B's Christmas presents to block it to shape. They were the perfect size. (He comes tomorrow afternoon, so he hasn't opened anything yet.) Here's what it looks like now:

All that's left to do is make the lining. I'm not done knitting for baby, though. I started the Mason-Dixon "Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono." Here's my progress:

Actually, I have already attached the yarn to the other side and have begun working the other side, which is a mirror image. I also plan on doing the crochet edging on my BSJ, so I can get it posted in the BSJ KAL.

We have had some family difficulties, though. DD heard from her doctor that a blood test came back with a result that doubles her chance of her child having Down Syndrome. It's only 1 in 206, but it still was a shock. She has pulled herself together and is again hopeful for the best. Then, night before last, we received a call from DS1. He told us his wife (who made me the wonderful quilted knitting bag) was in the hospital with chest pains. The next day, they put a stint in, and she's doing well.

What's on my needles: The "Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono."
What's on my drop spindle: Still the Ashford "Mulberry."
What's on my wheel: Still the Greenwood Fiber Works in "Enchanted," but I will be ready to ply soon.
What's on my iPod: I haven't listened in ages!

Happy New Year, everyone! --P

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!

To all the knitters and spinners at the Knitting Community: Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a great extended weekend with friends, family, knitting and spinning!

Our DS2 is visiting. Saturday morning he and DH went snowshoeing with our pups, Rocky and Sunny.

Here's what it looked like at our party Saturday night. The cute guy in the tuxedo is my DH! We had a nice time, with good food and fun dancing. DS2 taught me to do the "Sprinkler." (I had to be careful not to hit myself in the head with my splint!)

Here's my progress on the Montana Tote:

DPT (darling physical therapist?) says I can knit without the splint for 45 minutes at a time. Yaaaay! I can also spin for a similar length of time. This is actually part of my PT program!

DD arrives Thursday. We're looking forward to a nice day Friday with DH's brother and our DSIL, who are coming for dinner. I'm doing my once-a-year turkey, with a little faux turkey and mushroom gravy for me. Saturday (my birthday!) DS2's girlfriend arrives. It will be nice to meet her. Then, on Sunday, our DGD comes. That will be all the trips to the airport for a few days.

What's on my needles? The Montana Tote (among other things, LOL!)
What's on my wheel? Greenwood Fiber Works' hand-painted merino in "Enchanted"
What's on my spindle? Ashford's merino and silk in "Mulberry."
What's on my iPod? Christmas music!