Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baxter's Blog

Hi! I'm...arf...Baxter, canine brother of Daphne Dawn. You know her.

She's the new young one at my house. The parents and that old lady who cleans and cooks and sometimes feeds me are always using that funny thing that makes bright light right in her face, and mine, too. They say they're "taking photos," but they don't seem to be taking anything, just blinding me!

Baxter has another sister. She's feline, but OK anyway. Her name is Fluffy. Baxter used to think Fluffy got way too much attention until young one arrived. Now not so much.

Baxter knows Daphne is sister because she sort of smells like my mom and dad, except there are some other smells, too. Some are icky and sweet, like after she has a bath.

Like flowers. Dogs don't like flowers. Bees in flowers, not dogs. Other smells are yummy and make Baxter want to lick her. Only they don't let Baxter. They just make their faces look funny and take her to her room and clean her butt. Baxter could clean butt just as good. After that she doesn't smell nearly as good!

Baxter doesn't understand why there was only one in the litter, but maybe it's a good thing. Six would need way too much attention, and maybe they would forget to feed Baxter.

Another thing Baxter doesn't understand is why young one can't walk yet. When the eyes were closed, Baxter knew she couldn't play, but the eyes have been open for long time now. Maybe there's something wrong with her. Or maybe it's one of those strange human things. I do think she's human. Not canine. Not feline. Smells human. But yummy! Baxter wants to lick her. But Baxter good dog, good dog. Yes. Only lick when dad says "free." but he doesn't say it about Daphne. Too bad! Baxter clean butt good!

Sometimes we go for walks, even though Daphne can't walk yet. They put her in a thing like a car, but smaller, so she can go, too. Then Baxter's important dog. Protect young one. Sometimes they go and Baxter stays home. like yesterday, they went "shopping." When they go there they come back with lots of stuff. Sometimes dog toys or treats. Baxter guard house and bark welcome when they come back.

Daphne sleeps a lot. That's OK. I like to sleep, too!

The old lady...the one who cleans and sometimes feeds Baxter...likes to carry Daphne around. She likes to sit with the young one on her lap. Baxter doesn't sit on old lady's lap. Baxter's a good, big, dog. Not lap dog. Baxter sits at old lady's feet and protects young one and old lady.

Old lady sometimes sits and plays with skinny sticks and this long kind of stuff like string, the kind of stuff Fluffy likes to play with. It smells like animal fur. After a while it looks like this:

Old lady is talking about something called spinning. Hmmm...Baxter can chase tail. Baxter wonders if it's the same. She also talks about something called quilting. Baxter can't guess.

Daytime Baxter watches house, protect young one. Night time Baxter lies on floor in bedroom, protect Daphne. Baxter good dog! Important dog!

Old lady busy. Too busy to talk to you. She says next time...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Week in the Life of Daphne Dawn Hart

A funny thing happened on the way to Vintage Stitchers!

Those of you who have followed my blog know that I have been knitting and quilting away, trying to prepare for the arrival of my second granddaughter, the first for my daughter, Karen. Well, I was on my way to my regular quilting minigroup a week ago, when I got a cell phone call from DH. I pulled off the highway, and answered the phone to learn that my daughter's water had broken! Daphne wasn't due until June 6th, 3 1/2 weeks away! The soonest I could leave to drive to Wisconsin was the next day. I had to get the tires checked on my car first. I did that instead of going to my group, so I could get packed quickly.

Baby Daphne Dawn Hart arrived the next day at 9:24 AM, as I was driving through Wyoming. I spent the night in Lexington, Nebraska, and arrived in La Crosse, Wisconsin, mid-afternoon on Saturday, when the above photo was taken. The nursery was ready. Here you see the crib, with the bunny quilt I made for her.

We had to move the quilts to put Daphne in her crib to reduce danger of smothering, so they made a good cushion for the back of the rocking chair I brought with me from Utah. Here's Daddy's work station:

The guitar is ready for bedtime serenades, and the changing table is ready for diaper duty, an important job! The gold and white blanket was made by DD during her semester break from teaching at UW La Crosse.

Daphne was 6 lbs., 3 oz., not bad for a slightly premature baby. Still, the doctor didn't want her to lose any weight, so we were required to supplement with formula until DD's milk came in. She was also slightly jaundiced, so we had to wake her frequently to feed her, because the high biliruben count made her lethargic. The high count was partly due to the big bruise on her head from her birth experience. The three of them had a nice stay in a snazzy suite in the hospital. Saturday night, they had a special dinner in their room. Sunday they got to come home together. Grandma was minding the fort in the company of Baxter and Fluffy.

Monday Daphne had her first trip to the doctor to get checked and weighed. Tuesday was spent just relaxing:

Wednesday was more of the same. Baxter was excited to see that her eyes had opened. That means she can walk and play! (That's how it works with puppies, anyway.)

Instead, we had a nice walk:

Daddy, Baxter, Mommy and Daphne enjoyed the sunshine!

Thursday, and time for the weigh-in! Has she gained enough weight back to do away with the messy formula?

Hooray, almost back to birth weight! The jaundice is almost gone! Maybe now Grandma can get back to her knitting!

I didn't mention that DD was in finals week when the stork made an unexpected appearance. She had one final to give, which had to be proctored, and all of her grading, with final grades due tonight at midnight. She just finished!

The bright side is, there will be more of the summer vacation for them to get settled in as a family before school starts again in the fall. Whew!

Don't ask me what's on my anything! The above says it all. We are all grateful that Daphne's doing so well.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow...

As usual for this time of year, we're still getting snow! Here's something white I'm happy to see, though:

As you can see, im making good progress on the lace gown for Daphne's naming ceremony. I have nearly 2 1/2 months to finish it. It's a fun project, and is going well, now that I have sort of learned the pattern. You repeat a 34-st pattern across for four rows, repeat those four rows three times, then the whole thing shifts to the left 17 sts (half of the pattern). A vertical row of garter sts help you keep your place, and the st markers, too, of course. The gown came from Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren. There are some other great patterns in it, too!

OK, enough snow already! Here's what greeted me this morning when I got up:

The pups will love this when they get up! I have to envy Susan BLK's pretty little gardens, when I see this, even though this is pretty, too! I'll be warm enough soon! In a couple of weeks, I'll be leaving to go to Wisconsin to be with DD when she has her baby, Daphne. You may have seen photos of the quilt I made to welcome Daphne into the world. It has a bunny theme, and I've used Beatrix Potter fabric on both the front and the back.

Here's a photo showing the layout, before the binding was put on:

(I thank my DH for holding it up!) The center block is from Edyta Sitar's book, Hop To It! There are some other great applique blocks in the book as well. The carrots are my own design. (How hard can it be to draw a carrot? As a vegetarian, I've seen plenty!)

In other news...my Oregano Felted Purse is finished. I did the lining on Sunday. Here's a view inside--

And a look at the finished purse:

I made it to go with my new iPad Go Everywhere Tote Bag. My original pattern is in my last blog post, if you want to make one. It's very easy! If you want a PDF of the pattern, send me a PM with your email. If you haven't read my other recent posts, I used WotA Bulky in "Oregano." Felts great!

In spinning news, I'm close to a full bobbin of the Louet wool-mohair-rayon-bamboo in "Juniper." Love it! I haven't touched my drop spindle lately, but will undoubtedly take it with me when I go to Wisconsin the end of the month.

In iPad news, I'm loving my new it! There are some glitches, related to the fact that this website and a few others aren't really set up for it yet. They think it's a phone! Obviously, they haven't seen it in my stylish tote bag! It has really, really spoiled me! I have to do my blog on the old rickety laptop, and I find myself very impatient, waiting for something to happen. I could be knitting! Or quilting! Or something!!! I'm doing the Park City Mountain Sports Club newsletter right now. I've spent one day, and I'm almost done! That's some kind of record! Of course, that's with the iPad. Wonderful invention! I'm in love! [Sigh!] I finally have a computer I could easily throw out the window, and I don't want to!

On my iPod, which I still use because its so small and fits in my pocket, I've just finished listening to Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters. Very tongue-in-cheek and very funny! Now I'm reading Espresso Tales by Alexander McCall Smith, a continuation of his 44 Scotland St. Waiting patiently for another Knit Picks Podcast. We knitters are patient...except where gimpy computers are concerned!

On my iPad, I'm reading Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent, which was a free download from the iTunes bookstore. On my nightstand is The Knitting Sutra: Craft as a Spiritual Practice by Susan Gordon Lydon.

On my quilting table is the wedding quilt, ready to cut and start piecing, but the lace gown has a deadline. Grown-ups can wait, but babies grow up and get named.

Happy knitting, spinning and quilting! --P

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I've Never Felt(ed) Like This Before...

Some of my readers will remember the felted tote bag I made for my new iPad--

This was so much fun, and I love the colors, I decided to make a purse to match. Only it will be all green, no brown. Here's what I have so far, with the fabric I bought for lining:

I picked something dark enough not to get dirty easily, but light enough so I can see what's in my purse!

I haven't forgotten the naming ceremony gown for Daphne. I've CO for it, too:

It takes more concentration, so now I have a dumb project and a smart project!

I managed to get some spinning done this week, too! I finished the baby alpaca and have started on this:

It's Louet's wool, mohair, rayon, bamboo top in "Juniper." It's easy to spin, which is nice. Here's what the fiber actually looks like:

And here's how my spinning is looking:

I haven't figured out what to do with the finished yarn, or whether to ply it double or Navajo, but that will become evident. The fiber will talk to me as I spin...

I've been having so much fun with my new iPad! I'm still figuring out how it works, but I'm getting to do a lot more than I could do on my gimpy laptop! The only insurmountable problem I've had was not being able to get You Tube videos to work. On Monday, my knitting buddy Rob and I went down to the Apple store, after he tried out my iPad in his house to see how it worked with his WiFi. He was very happy with it, so he decided to get one. He reads a lot of books, and his Sony e-book reader works great, but he needs light for it. The iPad doesn't do well with too much light, but is great indoors with dim light. It also does a lot of other things, including keeping his photos organized. (He's a photographer when he isn't knitting.) While he was buying his new iPad, one of the nice techs at Apple was looking at my iPad. He couldn't get the videos to work, either, so guess what? I got a new iPad. I had to re-enter some things because I didn't sync before I took it down to the store, but I figured it would be less time than to drive all the way home and back to SLC, which was true. The videos work great now! That was seriously important, because some of my KP buddies, especially Cheryl, tend to put videos in their posts.

My baby quilt is off being professionally machine quilted. I picked up the fabric for the binding while I was getting the fabric for the purse lining. It's the dark green fabric that I used in the top. You can go back to the blog posts where I showed the quilt if you want to see.

What's on my iPad: Everything, almost. I'm reading The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad, a free download. I prop my iPad on a book holder, so I can knit at the same time.

What's on my iPod: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters. It's a riot! I got it from Audible.

What's on my Needles, Wheel: I just talked about that, so see above.

Happy knitting! --P