Monday, February 22, 2010

Compulsories Completed!

Report from Ravelympics--I'm still out on the course, working away. I just finished the spinning part of my competition (Fleece to FO Long Track) and the yarn is having a nice bath. Here's what it looked like waiting for me to prepare the warm water laced with Kookaburra Woolwash.

I should dry easily before I need it. It's off-white baby alpaca from my friend Linda's Etsy store. (She also has yarn.)

The hard part now is going to be the knitting. I'm slightly more than half way through the Landscape Shawl:

Each row gets longer, so it could easily take more than the time I have left. I had a major setback on Thursday, when I discovered a mistake in the garter st 45 rows down! I had purled instead of knit, and hadn't seen it, because it wasn't obvious on the side I was looking at because of all the purl bumps, but on the other side it was. I took out just the sts above the affected ones and started reknitting them, but it looked patched. After two hours of fiddling with it, I decided it was never going to look right, so I frogged 45 rows! The penalty laps caused by that mistake cost me more than 24 hrs. Well, I'm not going to make any world records, but there's a chance I can finish anyway, so I'm plugging away, determined to cross the finish line before Closing Ceremonies, so they don't have to send out a search party. At least now I don't have to divide my time between knitting and spinning. Don't dare look at my house! Between the lack of attention the past week and all the bits of fluff and vegetation on the rug pulled out of the fiber during the spinning process...well, you get the picture. Well, back to work. --P

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Medals Are Being Awarded...

Here's mine for the little baby beanie:

In the meantime, still working on my second event, "Fleece to FO Long Track," which is a grueling 4 oz spinning assignment and a (hopefully) finished Landscape Shawl. Here's the latest photo:

Actually, the photo is a day old. I've done more than 30 rows since this photo was taken. I'm into the stockinette section, which was just started in the top middle of the photo.

Here's how the spinning is going--

Just singles. I'll ply soon--maybe today. It's a busy week. Last night we went to the theater and saw "Twelve Angry Men." Fantastic play! Sunny and I have animal-assisted therapy at the nursing home today, Tomorrow I go to the dentist in the morning, and have to check in the cross-country skiers for a class I arranged for the Park City Mountain Sports Club. Thursday I have my quilting group, and Friday is the Club's Annual Meeting! Saturday is the antique fair in Ogden! I would have been a good candidate for Team Hopelessly Overcommitted! I'll keep plugging along with my event, though. Happy spinning, and happy Olympics! --P

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gearing Up for the Ravelympics!

Just a day and a few hours remain until the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, and I'm feverishly getting ready for my participation in the Ravelympics. I've been spinning white baby alpaca to make the Landscape Shawl for the event "Fleece to FO Long Track." Here's what I plied last night:

I washed it when I finished. It had a nice bath in Kookaburra Wool Wash. Here is is, ready to go into the water:

...and drying in the bathroom:

Today I moved it to the bedroom and turned on the overhead fan so it will dry faster. I had to reserve 4 oz to spin during or after the Opening Ceremonies, but I need to spin a few ounces more, so I'm sure I have enough. 14 oz is cutting it kind of close. I'll try to do some today.

I've also entered in the Junior Olympics. I'm making another baby beanie from the pattern I got at the Wool Cabin using Simply Cotton Worsted in "Marshmallow."

Some of you saw my bunny finished this week:

This was a quick project, but I think next time I'll do everything in the round. I hated sewing up all those seams. Only I would have to stuff as I go, I think. Love the tail. The pattern is found in Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Animals.

We're getting another big snowstorm, which will make the ski areas happy. Happy Olympics, everyone! --P

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Putting a Spin on the Ravelympics

The Ravelympics start with the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics on February 12th.

Above is my new Ravetar in honor of the Ravelympics, which I will be participating in. During the Winter Olympics, participants will compete in one or more of a number of events. Most of the events are knitting or crocheting, but there is some spinning, We have to wait to CO for our project(s) until the Opening Ceremonies, but we are allowed to prepare and get in shape for our event(s). "The One Rule To Rule Them All: Challenge yourself by starting and finishing projects during the 2010 Winter Olympics," says paksenarrion, one of the moderators of the Ravelympics 2010 group on Ravelry. In keeping with the spirit of the games, I will be competing in the Fleece to FO Longtrack, and a couple of other categories, if I have the time (ha-ha). For the Longtrack, we are supposed to spin at least 4 oz of our fiber during or after the Opening Ceremonies, and CO and finish the project. The rest of the fiber needed may be spun ahead of time. I have completed 10.9 oz of white baby alpaca

It still needs to be plied, though. Here's what I have reserved for use the evening of February 12th:

What I need to get spun in the next week is this, 13.9 oz:

It's doable, but trying to get a whole Landscape Shawl knit between February 12 and February 28, with a lot of other activities planned between is going to be a stretch!

The wonderful fiber came from my friend Linda, who keeps alpacas. She now has an Etsy shop here. I helped her with the write-ups, and most of my alpaca fiber for spinning has come from her. She also has yarn, and she does her own dyeing. The fiber used for the warm alpaca hat for DS2 was not dyed, though. The animal is actually that color. It's finished and ready to send:

The pattern is available here. In the meantime, as if I didn't have enough going on, I started the bunny for Daphne:

It's shown on Ravelry here. This quick and cute bunny is found in Jean Greenhow's Knitted Animals, which I picked up when I was visiting Australia a few years ago. I'm using KP's Simply Cotton Sport in "Toffee." I'm going to have some yarn left over for a baby washcloth or something.

Stay tuned for future developments. In the meantime, happy knitting!